Friday, June 27, 2008

No, my blog was not an april fools joke....

...though it may appear as if it was, please rest assured-it wasn't. Apparently, I think a blog is a better idea in theory, than in actual practice. I'm feeling inspired these days though, so chances are I may be turning over a new leaf.
Here's a little bit about my existence since April 1st.....
1. I graduated (and by that, i mean i went through a graduation ceremony, not actually received my masters degree)
2. I moved out of the lovely grimes family home into a house in hb. It is affectionately referred to as "sweet home alabama"(its on alabama street)....many hours are spent lounging on "club patio". After almost a month, I'm finally coming to terms with not waking up next to gaby.
3. I got a bike. I use it often and love it. Its kelly green.
4. I have decided to explore new sports in hopes to maybe be good at one of far- surfing and golf (other suggestions are welcomed...actual instruction/coaching in your suggestion is even more appreciated)....success or lack there of these new hobbies are promised to be mentioned in future blogs, so i guess i'm committed to at least one more
5. I'm volunteering at rock harbor and am enjoying contributing and meeting new people
6. I have been told i am nesting....and i don't have a good come back because unfortunately, its true
7. For some reason, Lauren and I think spandex are appropriate for far too many occasions....we are working on where to draw the line because boundaries must be established
8. I became an owner of a kitchen aid
9. I try to get my fair share of vitamin d and expand my mind through literature on the sand at least twice a hyper pigmentation hates me!
10. On a much heavier note, one of the most awful/best things that has happened to me in the past month is learning that there are 12 million orphans in africa due to hiv/aids alone! I'm devastated that A) i didnt already know this...i knew that the number was massive, but 12 million! i cant even wrap my mind around how many parentless children that is and B) i am devastated that its a reality of our world and that we don't do anything about it....more to come on this topic also. (i guess im committed to 2 more)
So, I guess blogging might not be so bad.....until next time......